Sunday, November 2, 2014

Let Go Of The Fruit

Monkeys are easily caught if you place a fruit inside a cage with a small hole in the side. The monkeys hand can easily slip in the hole to reach the fruit, but the fruit is too large to pull through. The monkey refuses to let go of the fruit, therefore, are trapped and cannot run away, or slows down their progress considerably.

As long as you hold on to your booby prize, you will forever be trapped. Even if the prize, like fruit, is good, is your favorite, and is healthy for you, the way in how it is given to you may be the trap that can cause your demise. Your ministry or church, as good as it is, can be set up in a trap. So watch for the trap, be willing to let go long enough to get away and see where the real fruit and blessings are. Then you are free to enjoy the fruits that are given to you when the right time comes and it is given by The True Giver Himself.

Boyd Merriman

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